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India's First AI-enabled Amphibious Drone Launched at Bangalore Tech Summit

Imagine a machine seamlessly transitioning between air and water, defying expectations and leaving spectators in awe. AERONUTS set ablaze on the stage at the bustling Bengaluru Tech Summit on December 30, 2023, unveiling India's pioneering AI-enabled Amphibious Drone - AQUAAIRX at the renowned Bangalore Palace Grounds.

This was no ordinary product launch; it felt like entering an exhilarating adventure, a foray into uncharted territories of innovation. The atmosphere buzzed with anticipation, promising a magical fusion of innovation and unexpected wonders.

As the AQUAAIRX team stood at the forefront of this technological frontier, the excitement became contagious. The prospect of a new era of exploration permeated the air, creating an ambiance of sheer wonder. It wasn't just a regular day; it was a historic moment, etching itself into the annals of discovery. AQUAAIRX emerged as the unexpected hero of innovation, surprising us all and leaving an indelible mark on the world of technology.

The day began at 8:45 am, and our team was super excited as we walked into the venue, knowing something amazing was about to happen. We started by finding the registration desk and getting our badges, kicking off a day full of thrilling adventures.

Registration Desk at Bangalore Tech Summit -2023
Registration Desk

Once we collected our badges, it was time to get everything set up. The team worked together to wrap the Amphibious Drone, creating a sense of anticipation and excitement for what was about to happen. It was like preparing for a big surprise, and the whole process added an extra layer of thrill to the upcoming revelation.

After wrapping up the Amphibious drone, we grabbed a seat to watch all the busy preparations for the big product launch. Sitting there, we saw everyone rushing around, making sure everything was perfect. It felt like being backstage before a super exciting show, and you could tell something amazing was about to happen. The air was filled with excitement, and we couldn't wait for the big moment to arrive.

Getting Closer to 10:30 am, everyone was super excited at the Bengaluru Tech Summit. The stage was all set to reveal not just one but 14 amazing new products, making the whole place buzz with anticipation.

The most special part happened when Shri Priyank M Kharge and Dr. M. C. Sudhakar, Hon'ble Ministers, got up on stage. They were the big guests of the show! In the middle of showing off all these fantastic products.

The chief guests, Shri Priyank M Kharge and Dr. M. C. Sudhakar, Hon'ble Ministers, stepped up to launch the products one by one. Each unveiling was like a magical moment, and the anticipation kept building.

Finally, the moment we'd all been eagerly anticipating arrived. AQUAAIRX, AI-enabled Amphibious Drone gracefully ascended into the sky, guided by the hands of our special guests. An overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment swept through our entire team as our Amphibious Drone embarked on its maiden journey. We were not just happy; we were over the moon with joy! It was a moment that symbolized our hard work and dedication, coming to life in the form of this incredible technological creation.

After the thrilling moments, we made sure to capture it all with a group photo. Everyone was smiling, and feeling proud, and we had this awesome sense of togetherness and success. It was like freezing that happy moment in time, and whenever we looked at the picture, it reminded us of how we achieved something great together.


In a world where innovation intersects with ambition, AERONUTS etched its name in history with the launch of AQUAAIRX, an AI-enabled Amphibious Drone. The Bengaluru Tech Summit not only witnessed the birth of India's first Amphibious Drone but also marked a day of triumph, collaboration, and technological prowess. As we reflect on this extraordinary journey, we invite you to join us in celebrating a future where the skies and seas converge in harmony, courtesy of AQUAAIRX – a testament to AERONUTS's unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of possibility. Embrace the excitement; the future has taken flight!

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  • Seamless Transition from Air to Water and Vice Versa

  • Exploring Defense Use Cases

  • Real-world Applications Beyond Defense


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